What We Do

Amber Precision Instruments is ESD and EMI scanner manufacturer that provides measurement technologies to resolve most urgent and long-sought-after industry problems.

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Product Overview

  • SmartScan Basic - manual ESD Scanner
  • SmartScan 350/550 Series - fully automated ESD/ESMI scanner
  • Smartzap - fully automated ESD zap gun tester

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New Technology

API has very unique technologies that other competitors do not have. Our innovative solution will help you to solve ESD/EMI issues.

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News & Updates

Come visit us on 2015 EMC Dresden

Date: August 16-22
Booth# : 25

Location: Dresden, Germany

Welcome to Amber Precision Instruments


Amber Precision Instruments is the IC, module and system level EMC/EMS evaluation tool manufacturer and solution provider equipped with unique combination of IC level and system level expertise.

Susceptibility scanning is a new and innovative method for performing root cause analysis of EMC immunity problems at the system level. Scanning itself isn’t new: there are commercial scanners for detecting near field radiation to analyze the radiation from a board or system or understand the way currents are flowing in a system. Even crude methods of scanning to localize sensitive circuits has been done and advocated for some time, but what is new is the ability to perform.