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Amber Precision Instruments is a research-oriented EMC solution provider and EMC scanner manufacturer.

API Other Products:

API offers field calculation and phase measurement packages by frequency ranges and shielding tents for controlled environment.

What is Field Calculation Packages?:

API's main hardware platform that most scan technologies can be integrated to this platform. 350 or 550 represents the four-axis robot arm size. 350 is a table top model, and 550 is a stand-alone model.Learn More >>>

What is Phase Measurement Packages?:

Phase measurement up to 4 GHz is done with comb generators and oscilloscope. VNA is used for frequencies above 4 GHz. The 4 GHz limit can be extended to 6 GHz if the user has 6 GHz oscilloscope.Learn More >>>

What is Shielding Tents?:

Shielding tents have advantages over mini-chambers in minimizing noise source presence inside of measurement environment. API's shielding tents are designed to leave control computer, robot controller or DUT controllers outside of the tent.

API's shielding tent gives 30~40 dB shielding at 1 GHz, which is good enough shielding for most SEE scans. The tent is designed to leave most emission sources outside of the tent, and communication and power ports are achieved through filtered or grounded connectors. Any 3rd-party mini-chamber can be integrated upon requests.Learn More >>>