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API is a EMC solution provider and EMC scanner manufacturer.

About API High-tech Software:

API has a clear understanding of its purpose within the Testing, Inspection and Certification sector. We exist to make certain that the materials and products that we test and certify are safe, quality, compliant and fit for purpose in those industries we serve, where failure is simply not an option. Our discrete manufacturing ERP software offers industry-specific focus, visionary innovation, and unprecedented functionality for manufacturers Supports real-time visibility, efficiency, collaboration, and scalability Deploys to fit your unique needs—in the cloud, hosted, or on premises Accelerates growth by automating and streamlining essential discrete manufacturing business functions.

SmartScan v5:

SmartScan v5 is a software platform for EMC scanning, post-processing and simulations. The same user-friendly interface manages multiple measurement technologies.
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SmartScan Basic v3:

SmartScan BASIC software assists in the probe positioning, as well as examine and record the locations and injection conditions where DUT failures occur. The software also collected and compiled these testing data into a report.
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SmartZap Pro v3:

SmartZap Pro is a software system for system level ESD testing and is standardized in the IEC 61000-4-2 standard. SmartZap Pro allows full automation. Advanced features include: advanced point definition using five camera system, customized actions (scenarios), ESD failure detection, integration with API’s Failure Detection software, automatic brushing for removing residual charge, multiple DUT handling like Pick&Place.
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Failure Detection Module v3:

A failure detection unit works with a Failure Detection hardware module. The module is used for ESD Immunity, RF Immunity and Automated ESD Gun Tester technologies.
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