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Amber Precision Instruments is a research-oriented EMC solution provider and EMC scanner manufacturer.

Global EMC solution & EMC scanner manufacturer:

API is a research oriented EMC solution provider and EMC scanner manufacturer headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA. We started in 2006, and with our technologies, quickly rose to become the best EMC scanner manufacturer. Close cooperation with MST (Missouri University of Science and Technology; Prof. David Pommerenke is a co-founder of API) enables API to be a leading EMC technology provider in addition to the best EMC scanner manufacturer.

Amber Precision Instruments is an IC, module, and system level EMC/EMS evaluation tool manufacturer and solution provider equipped with a unique combination of IC level and system level expertise. We develop and manufacture most components and accessories in-house (probes, software, mechanical parts, etc.) to ensure our performance and quality standards are met. Our ultimate goal is to combine the advantages of measurement and simulation to better understand EMC behavior of electronics.

• Feburary 2006

• September 2006

• May 2008

• April 2011

• October 2012

• May 2015

• September 2015

• January 2016

Founding of API (CA Corp.)

1st ESD scanner sale (Samsung SDI in Korea)

1st scanner shipped in US (lease to GD in FL)

1st sale in US (Apple)

1st sale in China (Huawei)

Shielding Effectiveness test procedure development and start of test services

ESDA SP14.5 released

API Internal Shielding Effectiveness standard released