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Amber Precision Instruments is a research-oriented EMC solution provider and EMC scanner manufacturer.

API Other Products:

API offers field calculation and phase measurement packages by frequency ranges and mini-chambers for a controlled environment.

What are Field Calculation Packages?

API's main hardware platform that can integrate most scan technologies. 350 or 550 represents the four-axis robot arm size. 350 is a table top model, and 550 is a stand-alone model.Learn More >>>

What are Phase Measurement Packages?

Phase measurement up to 4 GHz is done with comb generators and an oscilloscope. VNA is used for frequencies above 4 GHz. The 4 GHz limit can be extended to 6 GHz if the user has a 6 GHz oscilloscope.Learn More >>>

What are Mini-Chambers?

More information coming soon.