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The BASIC is a manually operated system for performing susceptibility scanning at the system level with minimal data storage capability. This system includes:

Up to 6kV pulse generator (occasional 8 kV use is allowed) for ESD susceptibility testing:

"A low cost manual ESD scanner. Users move the ESD probe by hand over a DUT to scan. Failure levels are typed in by the user. Pictures of probe positions at the failure location can be taken and included in the record. More..." API's main hardware platform that can integrate most scan technologies. 350 or 550 represents the four-axis robot arm size. 350 is a table top model, and 550 is a stand-alone model.

• Camera and camera shutter to take DUT pictures and failing spots.
• Manual input of failing location and failing condition over the DUT and separate table.
• Control computer.

ESD Probes:

• 2mm Hx/y Field Probe
• 5mm Hx/y Field Probe
• D=8mm Hz Field Probe
• D=8mm Ez Field Probe
• Contact API for custom probes

Smartscan Basic

Smartscan Operating System

Smartscan TLP

Smartscan Basic ESD Probe

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