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Amber Precision Instruments is a research-oriented EMC solution provider and EMC scanner manufacturer.

What is SmartZap?

SmartZap is a fully automated robotic ESD gun tester. An ESD gun is mounted on a four- or six-axis robot. The gun, test positions, and conditions are fully controlled by the SmartZap software.

SmartZap Pro

SmartZap Pro is a fully automated ESD gun tester with automatic failure detection capability, providing far superior performance to a manual zap gun test. It is compliant to the IEC61000-4-2 test standard.

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SmartZap S

SmartZap S is a simpler version of SmartZap-Pro. It is equipped with an industrial grade scara robot (4-axes) and the same SmartZap-V4 software as the Pro. All test scenarios that the SmartZap-Pro supports can be realized except the features that are limited by the hardware.

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SmartZap PT

SmartZap-PT is a SmartZap model optimized for automobile connector pin test.

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