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SmartZap Pro

SmartZap Pro is a fully automated robotic ESD gun tester. An ESD gun is mounted on a four- or six-axis robot. The gun, test positions, and conditions are fully controlled by the SmartZap software. The integrated conductive brush removes residual charges in the DUT.

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SmartZap Pro can also come with automatic failure detection capability, providing far superior performance to a manual zap gun test. It is compliant to the IEC61000-4-2 test standard.

Main Features:

- Support of any ESD gun model
- Five sides zap (top and four sides)
- Automated failure detection
- Pick up and placing
- Gun tip change (contact ←→ air)
- Connector plug/unplug
- DUT flipping
- Customizable report generation
- Test point definition by graphic interface
- Test point definition by DUT CAD model
- Automatic DUT offset correction
- Key press and touch screen fingers
- Discharge brush
- IEC 61000–4–2 compliant zap table
- Pin test

SmartZap Pro

SmartZap Pro

SmartZap Pro

Zap Point Definition:

- Zap point are defined either over pictures taken by five cameras or DUT CAD model

SmartZap Pro

Failure Detection:

- FD module includes monitoring of four analog and four digital signals, input from photo sensors and 1KHz sound, communication with a call box, a relay and a 120V/5Amp power supply for DUT power cycle.
- Boolean operation of monitoring signals to sort out failure type.
- Macro function for step by step control of failure detection and power cycle procedures.

SmartZap Software

Automated Features:

- DUT pickup-and-placing
- Gun tip change
- Connector plug/unplug
- DUT flipping
- DUT offset correction: automatic adjustment of defined test points when the DUT is placed slight off from the original position.
* All automated functions done by the pneumatic circuit without additional electrically powered accessories *

Report Generation:

- User can customize report templates