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Failure Detection Module v3:

A failure detection unit works with a Failure Detection hardware module. The module is used for ESD Immunity, RF Immunity, and Automated ESD Gun Tester technologies.

The Failure Detection Software allows the user to create customized conditions to automatically detect a DUT failure type. In the example below a sign three thresholds automatically analyze wave signal..

Multiple Channel Simultaneous Monitoring:
Failure Detection software can simultaneously analyze a combination of multiple analog and digital signals.

Flexible Visual Programming:
Failure Detection software allows the user to customize a procedure of a DUT Rebooting or Initialization using a simple visual interface..

IPC Protocol Integration:
Sometimes Failure Detection and DUT rebooting methods are complicated and have to be done by the end user’s proprietary software. For such cases, API’s Failure Detection software supports a widely supported IPC (Inter-Process Communication) gateway for communication with customer’s proprietary software.