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API is a research-oriented EMC solution provider and EMC scanner manufacturer providing measurement technologies to resolve urgent and long-standing industry problems.

About API Technologies:

API has been developing measurement technologies to resolve urgent and long-standing EMC industry problems for over 10 years. Close cooperation with the best university EMC lab in the world on topics that require in-depth knowledge and research places API as a leading scan technology provider in the EMC industry.


Electronics emit electromagnetic fields that can disturb neighboring circuitry. Emission scan technologies that API have developed enable users to measure near fields (NF) or fields from non-reactive near field regions. Measured NF (or non-reactive NF) information can be further processed to project far field (FF) as well as identify FF sources and NF hot spots. SEE (Shielding Effectiveness Evaluation) scan is one of the hottest applications of EMI scanning today.
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Various types of disturbances are injected to the DUT, and responses are observed and recorded at every injection point. The disturbances can be magnetic or electric fields that cause fluctuations in voltage or current in the net, respective, or direct injection of currents. API's immunity scan technologies provide troubleshooting for ESD failures, a way to screen problematic components for standard immunity tests, and a deeper understanding of EMC behavior of the DUT.
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