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EMI Scan may be the most common NF emission scan. It picks up fields at reactive near field (NF) regions and displays emission amplitudes or frequencies in the X- and Y co-ordinates. Selection of proper probes is the most vital step for precise NF measurement. For a list of probes that API offers, visit the probe section under products.
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● Shielding Effectiveness Evaluation
● Field Calculation
● NF Emission Source Localization
● Intra-coupling Analysis

Shielding Effectiveness Evaluation

API has been providing SEE scan services and scanner packages to the IC suppliers of world leading hand-held device and electronics manufacturers. In order to minimize variations from probes, RF amplifiers, cables, and other accessories, field values at the probe tip are compared among various shielding configurations rather than power, which is the common output of a spectrum analyzer.

API has developed the following features to provide accurate and consistent SEE scan services:
SEE scan standard, SEE scan service protocols, SEE report format, Software module to assist statistical data analysis, New SmartScan functions for efficient data analysis.

SmartScan SEE scanner package includes:
● Up to 18 GHz EMI probes (click here for more details. API's 0.5mm or 1.0mm Hx/y probes provide small enough spatial resolution to measure small DUT's (such as IC's). For even higher resolution, either 0.1mm or 0.25mm Hx/y probe can be used.
● Field calculation software and hardware
● Mini-chamber (a commercial mini-chamber can be integrated with the SmartScan SEE package)

Field Calculation

It is sometimes more useful to have field values at the probe tips than power or voltage measurements for further analysis. The field calculation module converts measured power (dBm) or voltage (dBV) by a SA to H-fields (mA/m) or E-fields (mV/m), depending on the probes. API provides three different hardware sets depending on frequency ranges: up to 10 GHz, up to 18 GHz and up to 40 GHz. Each hardware set includes probes that cover the specific frequency ranges and field source structures (50 Ohm micro-strip or CPW's) for accurate system factor extraction.

Required Equipment

Spectrum Analyzer

API supports most PXA, MXA, CXA and PSA families from KeySight (Agelent) and RSL & FSV families from Rohde & Schwarz. API writes the driver when a specific SA driver is not readily available in SmartScan.

EMI Probes

Probes and our software are the main differentiators between API and other EMI scanner manufacturers. API designs, assembles, and characterizes each probe in-house. For a list of the most commonly used API probes, please see the probe list file. API can make custom probes if requested.

RF Amplifiers

Amplifiers have to be selected carefully to ensure that the weak signals can be captured reliably. API provides two ZX60-6013-E+ from Mini-Circuit as standard 6 GHz EMI scanners. Any RF amplifiers can be integrated to SmartScan (additional charge may be applicable depending on amplifier models).