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The fundamental concept of ESM (Emission Source Microscopy) is the application of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) technology to EMC. Fields are scanned in non-reactive near field regions (2~3 lambda away from the source) where most evanescent waves die out, processed in k-space for efficiency with the captured phase information, and focused to the DUT surface height to identify propagating wave sources. The spatial resolution is limited by the Abbe-Diffraction-Limit from optics, so the higher the frequencies are, the finer the spatial resolution gets. For more information, click here.
'Emission Sources Microscopy Scanning System Principles' video >>>

Spatial Resolution R = λ / (2*N.A.), where N.A. is given by n*sin(θ) (n is the refractive index of the medium).


● Far Field emission source localization
● NF to FF transformation
● TRP calculation

Required Equipment

● SmartScan-ESM
● Waveguides(or antennas)
● RF amplifiers

Waveguides (or antennas)

API provides two open-ended waveguides with horn antenna for X-band. The user can prepare waveguides for other bands. There is no software limitation for measured frequencies as long as the hardware supports it.