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It has been developed as a specific application of the phase measurement technology. Huygens' surface is defined over a DUT, amplitude and phase information of tangential fields are captured in 3D, and FF transformation is performed within the SmartScan software. Users can define most FF measurement parameters, such as 3m vs 10m, full- or semi-anechoic chamber, antenna heights, rotation angles, and even each individual chamber's unique background noise.

Emission from cables can be dominant over certain frequency ranges. The cables are modeled by cable currents, and their emission is estimated. Emissions from DUT and cables can be combined in SmartScan to estimate FF over the entire frequency range of interest.

NF Measurement
● By API's 3D SS-RE
● 4 (or 6) sides of six sides box type Huygens' surface
● Example: Phased at 720MHz(shown on the right)

Maximized FF
● Chamber measurement condition control (antenna height, rotation angle, chamber size, chamber background, and full- or semi-anechoic, etc.)
● 2D radiation pattern (upper plot)
● 3D FF avavilable


● Pre-qualification of FF after engineering or design revision

Required Equipment

● SmartScan-NFFF
● SmartScan-PM
● Probes
● 3D (or X-Y flatbed) scanner