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This scanning technology is mainly to identify the sensitivity of a product to external or internal RF fields (e.g. a cell phone disturbs a display) and the cause of the coupling. The scanning variables can be the scan frequency, the modulation in the RF, the probe (electrical vs magnetic field, size, orientation), etc.

An RF signal or a modulated RF signal is fed into a probe. The probe moves around the product while the product is observed for signs of disturbance. The strength of the disturbance is automatically recorded for each location. A map of the local sensitivity of the product is created, helping the user understand the reason for the immunity problem.

It is very similar to an ESD scan, but the user controls the power level and frequencies, unlike ESD, which is a broadband disturbance.


● Sensitivity analysis of a product to external or internal RF fields.
● Debugging for IEC 61000-4-3 failures or TEM cell tests

Required Equipment

● SmartScan-RFI
● Signal generator
● Power amplifier

Power Amplifier

The frequency range depends on the user's requirement (5 ~ 10 Watt output power level is usually enough).