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Amber Precision Instruments is a corporation headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA

US Headquarter
Amber Precision Instruments
101 Bonaventura Dr.
San Jose, CA 95134
408-752-0335 (Fax)
brandon@amberpi.com (Sales Management)
amberpi@amberpi.com (general inquiry)

Asia Branch
Amber Precision Instruments, Inc. -Asia
Poonglim Iwant, Suite T-1401
255-1 Seohyun-dong, Bundang-gu,
Seongnam-si, Kyunggi-do, Korea
(031) 783-5841 (phone)
(031) 783-5843 (Fax)
harris.park@amberpi.com (Technology)
amberpi@amberpi.com (general inquiry)

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