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API is an EMC solution provider and EMC scanner manufacturer.

EMC Scan

API has been providing EMC scan services, compliance tests and IC ESD/LU (HBM, MM, CDM) design consulting/test services to major consumer electronics companies over the world. Scan services include recent hot items, like SE (Shielding Effectiveness) evaluation scan over wide frequency ranges, and ESD, EMI, current spreading scans. API's design consulting on HBM, MM, CDM and LU with API's own patented protection structures is regarded as the best way of preventing ESD/LU failures in advance in the industry. API is fully equipped with ESD/LU test services, too.

Shielding Effectiveness Evaluation (SEE) Scan:

API has been providing SEE scans to component supplies of leading hand-held electronics manufacturers. Standard SEE scan procedures and the report format make the shielding effectiveness comparison easier.

EMI Scan:

API is capable of EMI scan on the following frequency ranges with API developed probes and software.
● 50 kHz ~ 50 MHz
● 10 MHz ~ 18 GHz
● Over 18 GHz

ESD Scan:

API provides ESD scan to trouble shoot the gun test failures, screen out potentially problematic components or compare effectiveness of ESD failure counter-measure.

Current Spreading Scan:

CS can assist in clamping device selection, the placement of clamping devices, or design verification. Combining CS with ESD scan provides powerful insight into ESD troubleshooting and design revision.